Timo Heijne

My tiny little place on the web


Craftlist is a minecraft server. It is also the first big project i took on me while learning programming. This website is made in php. And for querying the minecraft servers it uses Python


My name is Timo Heijne. I was born on September the 9th 1998 in the Netherlands.
I started out as a self thaught web developer by reading and watching tutorials. Once i got the hang of web development i created a website called Craft-List with a few people.

After learning web development i became more interested in learning more languages and also became interested in game development. Luckily i was about to finish my last year of VMBO and was about to go to college where i currently study Game Development at the Media College Amsterdam. In 2017 i finished my first year and got invited to an Expertise Program to get an extra challenge and more experience out of this school.

As of writing this about section i am waiting on the first "Meeting" with the rest of those program. Which should happen in the 3rd week of this new school year which starts the 12th of September so i'll keep this updated along the way and possibly write a few blog posts about it.